Monday, March 31, 2014

So many miracles!

This week has been amazing! I am so grateful to be a missionary during the hastening!
Monday was just a normal preparation day, although Sister S and I did eat lunch at Buffalo Joe's. They do these stuffed burgers, soo good!!!

Tuesday we did a little bit of service for one of our investigator's, she is moving a couple of blocks away, so we helped her move a dresser set.

Wednesday was an awesome day! We had District Training meeting, which is always good! After that we had an appointment with an investigator who lives about 10 miles away. Her lesson went really well, but afterwards was so awesome! We decided to stop at a gas station near her home where Sister S and Sister F (Sister S's last companion) had OTMed an employee. We went there to see if she was working, she was and it was really slow so were able to have a really good lesson on the Book of Mormon, we used the Questions of the Soul from Preach My Gospel. It is such a good way to find out peoples' big concerns! At 8:30 we weren't sure what to do, we felt really prompted to go see an investigator we've been teaching at a gas station here in Pawhuska (we don't spend our whole day in gas stations, I promise!). She wasn't working, in fact, the woman that was working was someone we had never seen before, which is pretty unusual in Pawhuska. It is so crazy when, out of all the potential investigators in the world, we find less-active members!

On Friday we had an appointment at the library with someone that we OTMed last Monday. He wasn't there, but when we walked in a girl walked in right behind us. We felt like we needed to talk to her, so we did. She was having kind of a hard day, we had her pick a question of the soul. She said that she had already been taught all of the answers so she just kind of picked a random one, I was nervous when we read it with her, because it didn't seem to apply to her, and the verses that we decided to read didn't even really seem to answer the question, but after we read she said that she felt a lot better. It just attested to me the power of the Book of Mormon!!

The biggest part of Saturday was the General Women's Broadcast, I was so excited for it! I learned a lot, I've been working on making "small plates," not making "large plates" when I take notes at things like that, so writing my feelings and impressions, not direct quotes. I love that we have the opportunity to hear from the general authorities. I know that they truly receive revelation from Heavenly Father and that they have the power to tell us what He wants us to do.

Sunday was awesome! We had 4 investigators at church!!! We had been averaging at 1 or 2, so 4 was really exciting. One of them has only been once, she went to stake conference, so it was about an hour away and the session that she went to was when they tell you all the statistics, so she thought that we did that every week. We had been calling her every morning to give her a wake-up call, but that wasn't working so we decided that we were going to go to her house before church and wait for her to get ready. We told her we were going to do this, and when we got to her house she was waiting for us!!
This week had it's fair share of miracles and disappointments. "Such is the life of the black name tag." It's easy to focus on the disappointments, but it's more fulfilling to focus on the miracles. The disappointments were results of the agency of others, so there wasn't much we could do about them, the miracles on the other hand were able to happen because we followed promptings.

I am so glad that I have been working on fighting my fears and following promptings. We have seen so many miracles because we've been following the guidance of our Father in Heaven. I know He is aware of us as missionaries and of those that are in our pathways. I know He is aware of each of you, and that he loves you immensely.

I hope you all have an amazingly wonderful week!
Sister Fleck

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