Friday, November 28, 2014

Welcome to Henryetta!

This week was crazy! Most of Monday was spent with Sister M packing and me cleaning the apartment, getting ready for Sister B.

Tuesday was Okmulgee, Sister M was able to say goodbye to some people, but I don't think everyone that she wanted to. We set a baptismal date with ---!!! A couple of days later I realized that it wouldn't work because he said he wouldn't be able to come to church this Sunday, so... BUT STILL! He committed to a date! Yay ---!!!

Wednesday was Sister M's last day in Henryetta ): The bummer thing about transfers, and the last day in an area, is a lot of times you have to spend most of that day packing. Which stinks a lot because you would rather spend that day saying goodbye to people.

Thursday was transfer day *dun-dun-dun* Oh boy, that sounds horrible. It was a super long day.

Sister M left in the morning, and Sister B wasn't going to come in until the afternoon. I spend all day at the mission home, helping Sister Shumway with various projects :D It was fun. Sister B was my companion for a good chunk of the day. She was one of Sister M's previous companions, and is currently in... PAWHUSKA!! Guess what, the Sisters in Pawhuska found a family of 5, and they all got baptized! Whaat? It's great! I don't know the family at all, but I am so excited that Pawhuska got a baptism. Also, there are two young women aged girls (remember ---, Sister S? And, darn, I can't remember her name... she was a Young Woman, her mom was an investigator, her mom dropped us, but the Young Woman kept coming?) that both either have a date, or are getting SUPER close to getting baptized! YAHOO!!! CONGRATS PAWHUSKA!!! I am glad Sister B is there, she has a lot of faith in Pawhuska, and sees the potential it really has.

Transfer point was fun, it always is! I got to see Sister S, Sister S and Sister W before they went home. That was super nice. I love them a lot and I am going to miss them a ton!

Sister B came in around 4:30, and we were on the road by 5. Sister A (our awesome ride!) wanted to stop at Payless on Okmulgee on the way back, which we had no problem with (I love Payless a lot).

 We got back to the apartment by 6:30, ate dinner, and then weekly planned, WOOHOO! Exciting transfer night! :D

Friday morning we went to Okmulgee and Sister B got to meet people there we have been teaching! Yay! It was a great day!

Saturday we were able to see a lot of people. We helped at Recycled Blessings, this thrift store that a member owns that we volunteer at in town. It was a lot of fun!

Sunday was crazy, as they always are. Things are moving forward with ---'s baptism, which is awesome! She's a sweet girl!

Well, it's just about time for me to hop off. I love you all and hope you all have a splendiforus Thanksgiving!

Sister Fleck

Monday, November 17, 2014

Transfer calls... they just keep comin'

Yep. That's right, transfer calls were this weekend. Again! Didn't I JUST get to Henryetta? Did something happen to the Henryetta Sisters? You'll have to wait to find out, JUST LIKE WE DID! I will say this though, we weren't too anxious the whole week because we thought we were both staying.

This week was really good. On Monday we went to this cool place in Tulsa called Sky Zone. It is all trampolines! Ha-ha, it was a lot of fun. We went with the Elders from our old district and the zone leaders. It was just a lot of fun. We went to Wal-Mart in Tulsa, it was really nice to go to a REAL Wal-Mart, the one here in Henryetta doesn't have produce, it barely has a frozen section, they don't even sell eggs. After that we were headed to go back to Henryetta when we saw a Ross. We of course had to stop. It was pretty magical.

Tuesday was Okmulgee day. We saw ---, he's doing good. He opened up a lot and we were really able to understand where he is. It was a super great lesson. Next we saw ---. He's just awesome. We teach him at --- (he's a recent convert) and ---'s, and after the lesson ---'s friend that baptized him, he came over and helped ---- consecrated oil and give --- a blessing because she hurt her knee. --- was ordained an Elder the Sunday before, so this was his first ever blessing! --- was there for it too, which was super cool!!

It started getting pretty cold on Wednesday!

On Wednesday evening we went out with the Young Women and saw a couple of people. They want to go on exchanges with us once a month, which is sweet!!

On Thursday we spent the morning doing some family history stuff because we were asked to do some this week. Sister M--- learned how to index!

On Friday we had Zone Training Meeting and interviews in Muskogee. It was really good! Afterwards we had a really good lesson with ---. He prayed for the first time! He is so prepared! It is amazing!

On Saturday we did a lot of service. We have this thrift/consignment shop we do service at on Thursdays, but we just really felt like we needed to go by on Saturday. It is owned by a Less-active member, Sister ---. She is really awesome. We also helped at Bountiful Baskets which we do every other Saturday.

Saturday night was transfer calls. *dun dun dun*

Normally they don't call until 10:15ish, so, Sister M--- and I were just planning away, expecting a text saying that we were both staying at around 10:20, but then, we got a CALL at 9:05! What? WAY TO EARLY! THEN! The Zone Leaders (after teasing and dragging it out like they always do) told us that Sister M--- is going to Talehina with Sister B--- and that Sister B--- was going to be my companion here in Henryetta! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I just got here! I really feel like I've been here two weeks! I am kind of nervous to take over an area, I've never done that before! I am also really going to miss Sister M---.

Sunday started our 40 Day fast and it was the first snow of the year!!!! The first person that signed up was the Elders Quorum President. So we shared a message with him. He seems pretty excited about our invitation! After that we tried to go see a couple of people, but stuff kept falling through. We went to go see the Primary President to ask her if there was anyone that had been on her mind, and we ended up seeing the less-actives that live next door to her. We invited them to sign up for the 40 day fast, then they asked if we had dinner, which we didn't, and so they invited us to have dinner with them. It was super nice!!

Something I've learned on my mission is a true love for the Book of Mormon. It's got it all! You've got Ammon, choppin' arms off, you've got the Stripling Warriors, who are epic fighters, and none of them die! They go up against bigger armies who have way more experience, and none of them die, why do none of them die? Their faith. And that is the biggest reason that I love the Book of Mormon. It teaches us how to build faith. It teaches of Christ, most importantly, it's true. I know that with all my heart. The Book of Mormon is designed to help us come to know Christ. I love that because of my mission I can now say with Nephi "my soul delighteth in the scriptures." Because it does. Through the scriptures we can find answers to any of our questions. We can come to know who our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ are. I hope you all take time daily to read the Book of Mormon. I know it will bless your lives.

Sister Fleck ♥

Monday, November 10, 2014


This week was great!

On Tuesday we saw our investigator ---. I don't think I've talked about him much yet. He's going to OSU at the Okmulgee extension and lives on campus there. To me, the OSU extension is a big extension campus. It's probably about as big as Snow (from what I've been able to see, we haven't had the chance to actually walk around), which I feel like is big for an extension campus... ANYWAY! We OTMed --- about 3 weeks ago, at Zone Conference we got a call from an unknown number, when we got back to the apartment we called the number back and --- said that we had met him and gave him a card and he wanted to learn more. WHAT? It was crazy sauce!! --- is just progressing really well. He is awesome!

On Wednesday we had District Training meeting. Did I mention last week that the Stakes got changed? Did I mention that as a result of the stakes changing our whole district got changed? Yes. So, we had district training with our brand new district. It went really well, they're all cool. All Elders of course. There is only one other set of Sisters in our Zone.

On Thursday we went to the temple with --- YAYA!!! He is an awesome recent convert! We helped him print off an ordinance record for his mom. That's right. Not only did he go to the temple for the first time on Thursday, Sister Moreno did his mom's baptism on Thursday. I had a pretty cool experience. I had printed off two family names, a female, that I did, and a male, that --- did for me. That morning I had been kind of questioning whether or not they would accept the work. Then, when we got to the temple, one of the members of the temple presidency was talking to us and he told us that when you have miracles in family history work it's because these people want their work done. Well, these names, are the first names I found on my own. It was a line that had been at a dead end for a long time, and I got to do some research and I found them super easy! I was so grateful that he said that because I realized that I found these names because they wanted their work done!

On Friday we went to Okmulgee. It was a weird day. I don't know why it was weird, it just was...
Saturday was kind of weird too. We went to Okemah, Weleetka, and Dustin. Weleetka was just... The whole time we were there it was just interesting. It is just this tiny little town. Sister M--- and I had never been to Dustin, all it has is a gas station, and a car shop. That's pretty much it. Dustin is a super tiny town. While we were in Weleetka we saw a sign that said "Indian Taco Sale." We followed our stomachs and found them. They were super good! They were doing a fundraiser. We were glad to have bellies full of Navajo Tacos and being able to help a couple of families out. Also, around dinner time, we were teaching a less active on her doorstep. Her younger sister came out and asked if we wanted fajitas. We took one, but we were just about done with the lesson, and we were actually just about to go home and eat dinner, so we told them we would take the fajitas to go! HAHAHAHA

Yesterday was good. We were able to contact this part member family and get a new investigator. His name is ---, he's ---. His parents have been wanting him to get baptized for a while, but they were in the process of adopting him and couldn't get permission from the state to get him baptized. Now, they've adopted him and he can get baptized! YAY!

I am so grateful for the opportunities I've had to go to the temple on my mission. The people in this area are awesome. They always talk about how they need to attend the temple more regularly. The sister that gave us a ride this week said "Oklahoma City is only an hour and a half away. There is no reason that I shouldn't be going every week." I was amazed when she said that. Back home I lived fifteen minutes away, and I rarely went more than once a month! We are so blessed to have temples close by. They are such a blessing. The temple is truly the house of the Lord. I invite you all to go more frequently! If you currently don't have a temple recommend, fix what you need to, get a temple recommend. And get to the temple!

This week was a lot of fun, it was full of interesting and spiritual experiences! :D Hope you all have a splendiforous week!

Sister Fleck

Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Hallow...Thanks...Christmas?

I say this because there are already Christmas decorations up! What? Not that I don't love Christmas, because y'all know that I do! But, wow!

This week was great! On Tuesday we had Zone Conference and Elder Packer was there. It was really good and I learned a lot! I would share what I learned, but I left my notebook at the apartment... That's Sister Fleck for you. Always forgetting things (:

We had a really good lesson with one of our investigators ----. She's 11.. We taught her the Plan of Salvation, and she was just so happy and smiley when she left. We invited her to draw a picture of the sun to hang on her wall because that is where we are all trying to get. We told her we would draw suns too to hang on our walls. They're super cute! :D

Wednesday was an Okmulgee day as not-usual (we went on Wednesday since Tuesday was Zone Conference) and we got a new investigator! His name is ---, we met him a week or so ago and gave him a pass-along card with our number on it, and HE CALLED US BACK!! Whaaaa? People don't usually call back from pass-along cards! We took --- and --- (--- is a recent convert), and it was just great!

Friday was Halloween!! :D We went to Okmulgee again. When we first got to Okmulgee we went to Walgreens and go flu shots ): that was kind of sad to be honest. Shots are not fun! We found a couple of really awesome potentials that Heavenly Father totally handed to us on silver platters. We saw --- again. We taught him in --- and ---'s apartment this time, which was really good I think. --- also asked --- for his number so they could hang out sometime! YAY FRIENDS!!! :D After that we did service for one of the members, whose sister is our investigator ---, and she was there! YAY! We ate dinner with them and shared a little message about Esther. We had to be in at 7:00 unless we were with members, so we just went back to our apartment and hung out. It was kind of nice to spend some one-on-one time with Sister M.

Saturday was the adult session of stake conference, it was pretty good (: On Sunday at stake conference, they created a new stake and changed boundaries. Welcome to the OTM Bartlesville Stake/Zone! We're so excited to have you! Henryetta is still part of the Tulsa East Stake (full name is Tulsa Oklahoma East Stake aka T.O.E.S), but our district is in Tulsa Stake, so we're part of a new district, exciting to make new friends, but sad to leave the old ones.

I love when the Savior tells us to show our love to him by keeping his commandments. As we grow our love for Him, our desire to be obedient grows. As we strive to be more obedient, our love for Him grows. As our love for him grows, our love for others grows. Everything all comes down to love.

Well, I hope ya'll have a fantastically magnificent week!

Sister Fleck

Sister M and I in our Halloween costumes.  Can you tell what who we are supposed to be?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Let's see if I can remember what happened this week. I forgot my planner and I usually rely on that to help me remember...

On Tuesday we decided to walk a little bit and we talked to two people. --- and ---. We talked to --- first, he was working on his truck, to be precise, he was putting a second air horn on it. That's right. He already had one, and he was adding on a second one. We told him who we were, and he said that he would be done in about and hour and that we could come back and talk to him. --- was standing on her porch and her little dog tried to eat us. We talked to her a little bit and she told us that she was going to be going to New Mexico for her son's wedding. We told her that we believe in eternal families and that families can go to the temples and be sealed for eternity. She seemed pretty interested and we'll be going back in a week for two after she gets back from New Mexico!

After we talked to her we headed back to talk to ---. He had run into some hiccups with his air horn, so he was still working on it. He told us about things he had faced in his life, and he's had a pretty crazy life. When we went back to see him a few days later his daughters were there, which was cool. He's a pretty cool guy!

On Saturday we went to this little town called Okmeah because we have an investigator that lives there and a few less-actives. We haven't been able to teach the investigator, --- since he lives kind of far. He comes to church almost every Sunday, but he gets a ride from members and they leave pretty soon after church is over. So we just decided to go out there! When we went he was sleeping (we woke him up... oops), so we didn't get a full lesson in, but he did tell us that he knows that Joseph Smith is a prophet! YAY!!!

We had 7 investigators at church this week! It was pretty crazy stuff!

Guess what? Zone Conference was this Tuesday, and Elder Allan Packer is coming. He wanted to interview 4 missionaries at each conference. President Shumway picked me as one of the four for our trizone! The interview was not as big of a deal as I thought haha! He mostly asked if I was still worthy to be a missionary, which I am very grateful that I was able to say yes to!
Anyway, this week was awesome!

One thing I've noticed on my mission is that I love the scriptures about light, such as 1 Nephi 17:13 or Mosiah 16:9, I think that it is because Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are light. As we become more like them, we gather more light!

Sister Fleck♥

Below are some pictures of Sister Fleck and her companion with their Halloween treats :) And one a sweet sister in their stake sent me of them at Stake Conference.