Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sister Conference!!!

This week was great, although a little slow. I talked to y'all on Wednesday, so I don't need to update you on what happened before then I guess.
This week we've just been focusing on meeting as many people as we can. Unfortunately the weather has been a little cold and snowy, so it's made missionary work hard. A lot of people were canceling appointments so that we wouldn't have to drive out to where they are (a lot of people here live in the boondocks).
On Thursday night President Shumway called us about the Sisters Conference (oops, I mean Sister's Specialized Training) in Springfield the next day. Since it was supposed to be nasty weather, he asked us to drive to Mountain Grove that night, spend the night with the Sisters there and then drive to Springfield Friday morning, so that's what we did! It was kind of fun to have a sleep over! Even though we didn't get there until 10:30, so we just ended up getting ready for bed and going straight to sleep as soon as we got there, haha!
The Sister's conference was amazing! I learned a lot! Sister P and Sister P were both there, it was awesome to see them both! I love seeing previous companions!
We talked a lot about recognizing who we are as daughters of God, and faith and giving our hearts to the Lord.
I have learned how important it is to give your whole heart to the Lord. Everything we have, he has given us. We can't give Him anything that he doesn't already have... except for our hearts. That's all he asks for. I'm still learning about this, so I don't have too much insight to give you. I know that as you strive to give your heart to him that it won't be easy, but I do know that you'll be blessed. Find out what is holding you back from giving your whole heart to him.
Sister Fleck