Saturday, June 13, 2015


April 13, 2015

Arkansas might be the most beautiful state in the union. Before I came here my companions who had served in Arkansas always talked about how beautiful it was and I always thought "I don't know, Missouri is super beautiful." And, Missouri is super beautiful, so is Oklahoma, but wow, Arkansas... all those trees and hills. Wow.
This week we've just been sharing Because He Lives like mad! We're trying to share it with all the less-actives and do lots of tracting to share it. We've been having a lot of fun though!
Lundy's baptism is coming up! It's this Saturday, I'm so excited! Teaching him has just been so cool, he doesn't let anything slow him down! He recognizes that this is truth, and he wants the truth in his life. It's awesome! He had his interview on Friday, it went SUPER well! He is just prepared! :D
Look at this cool scripture I found in Alma 17
"22 And [President Shumway] inquired of [Sister Fleck] if it were [her] desire to dwell in the land [of Ash Flat], or among [other] people.
23 And [Sister Fleck] said unto him: Yea, I desire to dwell among this people for a time; yea, and perhaps until the day I die."
It sure is easy to liken the scriptures to yourself when they just straight up say your name like that ;)

Man, is this true or what? I have learned so much about the gospel on my mission, and one of the things I've learned, is how much I have left to learn! I'll be learning for all eternity. Isn't that great! I know there is a lot to learn in this gospel, and I know it's the most important knowledge we can have! Don't give up on learning, there's still soo much to learn!
I love ya'll! You're the best! Have a splendiforous week!
Sister Fleck
1-3 Beautiful, beautiful Arkansas.

Happy Conference Weekend!!!

April 6, 2015

Hello Ya'll!
How was your week? Mine was great!
On Monday we had dinner with this sweet less-active member, she's totally ready to come back! It's great! We shared Because He Lives with her, she loved it! She even showed it to her neighbor! Wahoo!
On Thursday we had Zone Training in West Plains, it was SUPER good, as always! I learned a lot!
Saturday and Sunday were conference! Yahoo! It was so good! I learned so much! I think my favorite talks were Elder Claytons (Saturday Morning) and Elder Pearsons (Sunday Afternoon). What about ya'll?

How great was Elder Holland's talk though! Don't think I forgot about him! I am so grateful for my Savior! I love this ^ quote! #BecauseHeLives When we fall, we don't have to stay down! We don't have to feel alone in our trials!
Sister Fleck

#Because He Lives

March 30, 2015
Happy Easter Everyone,
Well, unfortunately I forgot my planner this week... so I'll be trying to tell you everything about this week my memory... 
On Monday I ate squirrel! And a deer that the Sister who made the food for us hit with her car, so it was road kill deer! Wahoo Arkansas! It was all pretty good!
On Wednesday the Sister who we ate road-kill-deer and squirrel with took us to do her visiting teaching with her! That was a lot of fun! We met a couple of people, and it was such a tender mercy because we wouldn't have been able to find either of them without her!
On Saturday was the Women's Broadcast, that was AWESOME! The spirit was so strong and I learned a lot! Wahoo!!
Well, that's about all I can remember for this week... sorry ):

Whose seen Because He Lives? Hopefully all of you have! Isn't it great! I love it! I would like to invite you all to share it on your Facebook, twitter, and whatever other social medias you have that are out there! If you've already done it GREAT! Share it again, but this time, post it and finish the sentence, "#BecauseHeLives..."
#BecauseHeLives I have good news to share. If our Savior didn't live, I would have no reason to be here. I wouldn't have anything to share. But, he does. He lives, He loves us. He will come back one day, soon! Share the love that you have for your Savior!
Also, whose seen these awesome markers? Aren't they kind of the coolest thing ever! 
Sister Fleck
1. #BecauseHeLives

Guess What I Get to Eat Squirrel for Dinner!

March 23, 2015
So, when I got my mission call to the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission, lots of people told me, "Oklahoma huh? You're going to eat squirrel!" So, I've been bound and determined to eat squirrel while on my mission! I mentioned this to our Branch President here, and he joined my quest to eat squirrel. On Saturday night he texted us and said that he had two squirrels that wanted to have dinner with us! Haha! I know it's completely ridiculous, but I get to eat squirrel tonight! Some of you are probably cringing at the thought, but how funny is it, that, not only am I eating squirrel, but I'll be eating it in Arkansas!
This week was great!! On Monday we went to West Plains for a Zone Outing! We played all sorts of games!
On Wednesday we got two new investigators! The ---. They're this really sweet older couple. They're super prepared!
Speaking of super prepared...--- is doing great! He has a baptismal date! Yahoo!!!
On Friday we had dinner with this awesome member, Sister ---, she has a little farm, she's trying to get her garden all fenced in so her goats don't eat everything! (Fun fact: Did you know that goats pupils are all freaky and horizontal because they can see 340 degrees? Yep. Weird...) We helped her drive fence posts! Yeah! That was fun!
On Saturday there was this Amish breakfast in Salem, so we went to that. YUM! They know how to cook!
Also, Saturday held the results of transfer calls! Dun dun dun!!!! SISTER B--- AND I ARE BOTH STAYING IN ASH FLAT!!! :D :D :D *happy dance*

One of my favorite characters, Miss Anne Shirley, once said "Tomorrow is a new day, fresh with no mistakes in it."
This is possible because of the Savior. Each morning when you wake up, whether it be by alarm, your children, crying or laughing, or the sun through your windows, remember, that the Savior's Atonement has given you a new fresh day, "with no mistakes in it." You have a chance to make each new day better than the last one. How wonderful is that? The Savior loves us so much that he has given us a fresh chance each and every day. Cherish that.
I hope ya'll find a way to share the gospel with a friend this Easter (
Sister Fleck
1. Watch out Ash Flat! Another transfer with these two Sisters! You're not
going to know WHAT hit ya!
2. Drove though Moko, a tiny, tiny town in our area, on the way back from West Plains on Monday!

There's always a creek

Mar 16, 2015
Fun thing about Arkansas, whenever we're driving in the boonies, we often end up having to drive through a small creek, (See the first picture) most of them are caused by the snow and rain we've had lately, it's kind of funny.
On Tuesday we went with some members to contact a referral. It's a good thing that the members came with us because we would have used a ton of miles, and might not have even found it! She had requested a bible, turns out, she is a member! Whoa! It was kind of crazy the way it all turned out. She's pretty cool, but she's moving to Batesville, AR here pretty soon, which is in the Little Rock Mission.
On Wednesday we went over to a members house, she's less-active, but mostly because she's older. We started typing her life story with her! She tells us stuff and we type it for her! It was pretty neat!
Friday was Zone Conference ^-^ The Castors drove us, and came to Zone Conference as well. Guess what, we live so far from anything, that we had to wake up at 3:30 to be out the door by 4:30 to be there by 8. Yeah, that was fun. Zone Conference really did rock though. I learned a lot and I had a lot of answers to the questions I came with! Sister Bastian and I were in a musical number with 2 Elders, we sang "O My Father" to the tune of "Brightly Beams Our Fathers Mercy" Acapella. Whoa. 
On Saturday we had a family history event at the church. Remember our investigator that biked to church, Lundy that I talked about last week? We set a date with him! Wahoo!
Well, that's about all for this week. Hope ya'll have a great week!
This week I've been thinking about service! I wrote a talk about service, although I didn't give it this week, I'm giving it next week apparently haha. All Christ's life was spent in service, there's another Primary song I'll quote "I'm trying to be like Jesus..." If we're striving to live
Sister Fleck
P.S. If any returned missionaries know of a way to email videos to family, or to get videos to them besides putting it on a thumb drive and sending it home, I'd love to know!
1. There's always a creek.
2.On Wednesday the weather was so lovely that we ate lunch by one of the lakes in Horseshoe Bend!
3. Pretty sunset