Saturday, June 13, 2015

There's always a creek

Mar 16, 2015
Fun thing about Arkansas, whenever we're driving in the boonies, we often end up having to drive through a small creek, (See the first picture) most of them are caused by the snow and rain we've had lately, it's kind of funny.
On Tuesday we went with some members to contact a referral. It's a good thing that the members came with us because we would have used a ton of miles, and might not have even found it! She had requested a bible, turns out, she is a member! Whoa! It was kind of crazy the way it all turned out. She's pretty cool, but she's moving to Batesville, AR here pretty soon, which is in the Little Rock Mission.
On Wednesday we went over to a members house, she's less-active, but mostly because she's older. We started typing her life story with her! She tells us stuff and we type it for her! It was pretty neat!
Friday was Zone Conference ^-^ The Castors drove us, and came to Zone Conference as well. Guess what, we live so far from anything, that we had to wake up at 3:30 to be out the door by 4:30 to be there by 8. Yeah, that was fun. Zone Conference really did rock though. I learned a lot and I had a lot of answers to the questions I came with! Sister Bastian and I were in a musical number with 2 Elders, we sang "O My Father" to the tune of "Brightly Beams Our Fathers Mercy" Acapella. Whoa. 
On Saturday we had a family history event at the church. Remember our investigator that biked to church, Lundy that I talked about last week? We set a date with him! Wahoo!
Well, that's about all for this week. Hope ya'll have a great week!
This week I've been thinking about service! I wrote a talk about service, although I didn't give it this week, I'm giving it next week apparently haha. All Christ's life was spent in service, there's another Primary song I'll quote "I'm trying to be like Jesus..." If we're striving to live
Sister Fleck
P.S. If any returned missionaries know of a way to email videos to family, or to get videos to them besides putting it on a thumb drive and sending it home, I'd love to know!
1. There's always a creek.
2.On Wednesday the weather was so lovely that we ate lunch by one of the lakes in Horseshoe Bend!
3. Pretty sunset

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