Saturday, June 13, 2015

Guess What I Get to Eat Squirrel for Dinner!

March 23, 2015
So, when I got my mission call to the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission, lots of people told me, "Oklahoma huh? You're going to eat squirrel!" So, I've been bound and determined to eat squirrel while on my mission! I mentioned this to our Branch President here, and he joined my quest to eat squirrel. On Saturday night he texted us and said that he had two squirrels that wanted to have dinner with us! Haha! I know it's completely ridiculous, but I get to eat squirrel tonight! Some of you are probably cringing at the thought, but how funny is it, that, not only am I eating squirrel, but I'll be eating it in Arkansas!
This week was great!! On Monday we went to West Plains for a Zone Outing! We played all sorts of games!
On Wednesday we got two new investigators! The ---. They're this really sweet older couple. They're super prepared!
Speaking of super prepared...--- is doing great! He has a baptismal date! Yahoo!!!
On Friday we had dinner with this awesome member, Sister ---, she has a little farm, she's trying to get her garden all fenced in so her goats don't eat everything! (Fun fact: Did you know that goats pupils are all freaky and horizontal because they can see 340 degrees? Yep. Weird...) We helped her drive fence posts! Yeah! That was fun!
On Saturday there was this Amish breakfast in Salem, so we went to that. YUM! They know how to cook!
Also, Saturday held the results of transfer calls! Dun dun dun!!!! SISTER B--- AND I ARE BOTH STAYING IN ASH FLAT!!! :D :D :D *happy dance*

One of my favorite characters, Miss Anne Shirley, once said "Tomorrow is a new day, fresh with no mistakes in it."
This is possible because of the Savior. Each morning when you wake up, whether it be by alarm, your children, crying or laughing, or the sun through your windows, remember, that the Savior's Atonement has given you a new fresh day, "with no mistakes in it." You have a chance to make each new day better than the last one. How wonderful is that? The Savior loves us so much that he has given us a fresh chance each and every day. Cherish that.
I hope ya'll find a way to share the gospel with a friend this Easter (
Sister Fleck
1. Watch out Ash Flat! Another transfer with these two Sisters! You're not
going to know WHAT hit ya!
2. Drove though Moko, a tiny, tiny town in our area, on the way back from West Plains on Monday!

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