Saturday, June 13, 2015

#Because He Lives

March 30, 2015
Happy Easter Everyone,
Well, unfortunately I forgot my planner this week... so I'll be trying to tell you everything about this week my memory... 
On Monday I ate squirrel! And a deer that the Sister who made the food for us hit with her car, so it was road kill deer! Wahoo Arkansas! It was all pretty good!
On Wednesday the Sister who we ate road-kill-deer and squirrel with took us to do her visiting teaching with her! That was a lot of fun! We met a couple of people, and it was such a tender mercy because we wouldn't have been able to find either of them without her!
On Saturday was the Women's Broadcast, that was AWESOME! The spirit was so strong and I learned a lot! Wahoo!!
Well, that's about all I can remember for this week... sorry ):

Whose seen Because He Lives? Hopefully all of you have! Isn't it great! I love it! I would like to invite you all to share it on your Facebook, twitter, and whatever other social medias you have that are out there! If you've already done it GREAT! Share it again, but this time, post it and finish the sentence, "#BecauseHeLives..."
#BecauseHeLives I have good news to share. If our Savior didn't live, I would have no reason to be here. I wouldn't have anything to share. But, he does. He lives, He loves us. He will come back one day, soon! Share the love that you have for your Savior!
Also, whose seen these awesome markers? Aren't they kind of the coolest thing ever! 
Sister Fleck
1. #BecauseHeLives

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