Friday, December 27, 2013

Who is Sister Fleck?

Hi! I am Sister Lizzie Fleck!
I am a 21 year old girl from Eagle Mountain Utah! I grew up with my mom, Helen, my dad Jeff, and my little brother, Tanner. We have one dog, Pippin and a cat, Tink. I was born and raised in the church, something I have been extremely grateful for! My mom is my best friend, I can always rely on her to be there for me. If you've ever seen Gilmore Girls, we are Lorelai and Rory. Tanner is one of funniest, most talented people I know. My dad has served in the Air Force national guard since I was six. His deployments have made me a stronger person. Dad and I have been doing karate together since I was about 10.

When I was in second grade a family friend gave my mom a copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. As soon as Hagrid knocked down that door, I was hooked. While my mom was glad, that I was reading so much, she wished I would read something besides the first three Harry Potter books. It's easy to say that I've been a fangirl ever since. I eventually did expand my horizons, and I love reading.

In ninth grade I met my three best friends, Sara, Lela, and Deven. They are wonderful people. I love them so much and I would be a very different person without their influences. They're those friends that if we go weeks without talking to each other, it's okay, and we can pick up right where we left off.

After I graduated high school I attended Snow College. I was terrified, living away from home was an intimidating thought. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I learned so much about myself. I also met Nicole and Whitney. They were two of my roommates, and some of the greatest people I've ever met. 

Snow is a two year college, when I finished there I attended USU for a year, and planned on entering their Special Education program. USU has one of the best Special Education programs in the nation. Unfortunately it's extremely competitive program and I didn't get in. This summer I started contemplating my options, I had many. I could change schools and apply for a different, less competitive Special Ed program, I could stay at USU and try again, I was even considering taking a year off and working. The weird thing was, going back to school was the last thing I wanted to do. This was odd because I really enjoy school. I love learning new things, I'd never dreaded going back to school that much. It was June, and school was starting in a couple of months. I needed to make a decision, and soon. One night, I finally did the one thing I should've done from the beginning, I turned to my Heavenly Father. I told him that I wasn't sure what I should do, and I was confused because I didn't know what to do. I told him everything I'd thought of, I also offhandedly mentioned a mission. I had thought of a mission, but it was a scary idea. I was scared of being away from my family for so long. As soon as I mentions serving a mission, my question was answered. I felt calm and assured. I knew I was making the right choice.

I am so excited to teach the people in the OTM area. I cannot wait to share my testimony of Heavenly Father's love. I know I will met some amazing people and I will learn so much.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Temple!!

So, this post is a few days late, but, I'm still doing it. On the 30th of November I was able to go to the temple and receive my endowments. When you hear a Mormon refer to receiving, or taking out their endowments, it means that they have gone to the temple and they have made ordinances and covenants with the Lord. If you have any questions about what happens in the temple, take a look at this article.

There are currently (as of December 2013) 141 temples in operation around the world, and 17 in Utah, I chose to go to the Mount Timpanogos Temple, mostly because it is closest to me. It is a beautiful building.

I was kind of nervous the night before. It was a good nervous, I was nervous because I knew that I was taking a big step in my life. A step that I had been working for, for a long time.

I invited my closest friends and family who have also received their endowments, since to go through the ceremony you have to have received your endowments.

My mom and I had to be there at 5:30 so that I could meet with the Temple Matron (the wife of the Temple President), and have a short meeting with her. During the endowment session I felt the spirit stronger than I ever have before in my life. During sacrament meeting, or other times when I feel the spirit I feel warm in my chest, near my heart, but while I was in the temple, I felt warmth everywhere, emanating from the very depths of my... the only word I can think of, is the depths of my soul. I know that sounds a little weird, but that's what it felt like.

After the endowment session, we went into the Celestial Room, where we could stay as long as we wanted. As I came around the corner, I saw my parents, and I just gave them the biggest hugs. It was so good seeing them there. As we sat in the Celestial Room, I remembered that I was sealed to my parents for all eternity, and that I would be able to see my friends in the eternity, and I felt so loved. I knew that this was all a reminder of how much my Heavenly Father loves me, I was reminded that he knows me by name and that he wants me to be happy.

I hope you know how much your Heavenly Father loves you. He knows you by name, he knows what you will do in any given circumstance. He loves you more than you can comprehend. This is something that I know without a doubt.

Mom, Dad, and I infront of the temple (: