Monday, November 17, 2014

Transfer calls... they just keep comin'

Yep. That's right, transfer calls were this weekend. Again! Didn't I JUST get to Henryetta? Did something happen to the Henryetta Sisters? You'll have to wait to find out, JUST LIKE WE DID! I will say this though, we weren't too anxious the whole week because we thought we were both staying.

This week was really good. On Monday we went to this cool place in Tulsa called Sky Zone. It is all trampolines! Ha-ha, it was a lot of fun. We went with the Elders from our old district and the zone leaders. It was just a lot of fun. We went to Wal-Mart in Tulsa, it was really nice to go to a REAL Wal-Mart, the one here in Henryetta doesn't have produce, it barely has a frozen section, they don't even sell eggs. After that we were headed to go back to Henryetta when we saw a Ross. We of course had to stop. It was pretty magical.

Tuesday was Okmulgee day. We saw ---, he's doing good. He opened up a lot and we were really able to understand where he is. It was a super great lesson. Next we saw ---. He's just awesome. We teach him at --- (he's a recent convert) and ---'s, and after the lesson ---'s friend that baptized him, he came over and helped ---- consecrated oil and give --- a blessing because she hurt her knee. --- was ordained an Elder the Sunday before, so this was his first ever blessing! --- was there for it too, which was super cool!!

It started getting pretty cold on Wednesday!

On Wednesday evening we went out with the Young Women and saw a couple of people. They want to go on exchanges with us once a month, which is sweet!!

On Thursday we spent the morning doing some family history stuff because we were asked to do some this week. Sister M--- learned how to index!

On Friday we had Zone Training Meeting and interviews in Muskogee. It was really good! Afterwards we had a really good lesson with ---. He prayed for the first time! He is so prepared! It is amazing!

On Saturday we did a lot of service. We have this thrift/consignment shop we do service at on Thursdays, but we just really felt like we needed to go by on Saturday. It is owned by a Less-active member, Sister ---. She is really awesome. We also helped at Bountiful Baskets which we do every other Saturday.

Saturday night was transfer calls. *dun dun dun*

Normally they don't call until 10:15ish, so, Sister M--- and I were just planning away, expecting a text saying that we were both staying at around 10:20, but then, we got a CALL at 9:05! What? WAY TO EARLY! THEN! The Zone Leaders (after teasing and dragging it out like they always do) told us that Sister M--- is going to Talehina with Sister B--- and that Sister B--- was going to be my companion here in Henryetta! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I just got here! I really feel like I've been here two weeks! I am kind of nervous to take over an area, I've never done that before! I am also really going to miss Sister M---.

Sunday started our 40 Day fast and it was the first snow of the year!!!! The first person that signed up was the Elders Quorum President. So we shared a message with him. He seems pretty excited about our invitation! After that we tried to go see a couple of people, but stuff kept falling through. We went to go see the Primary President to ask her if there was anyone that had been on her mind, and we ended up seeing the less-actives that live next door to her. We invited them to sign up for the 40 day fast, then they asked if we had dinner, which we didn't, and so they invited us to have dinner with them. It was super nice!!

Something I've learned on my mission is a true love for the Book of Mormon. It's got it all! You've got Ammon, choppin' arms off, you've got the Stripling Warriors, who are epic fighters, and none of them die! They go up against bigger armies who have way more experience, and none of them die, why do none of them die? Their faith. And that is the biggest reason that I love the Book of Mormon. It teaches us how to build faith. It teaches of Christ, most importantly, it's true. I know that with all my heart. The Book of Mormon is designed to help us come to know Christ. I love that because of my mission I can now say with Nephi "my soul delighteth in the scriptures." Because it does. Through the scriptures we can find answers to any of our questions. We can come to know who our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ are. I hope you all take time daily to read the Book of Mormon. I know it will bless your lives.

Sister Fleck ♥

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