Monday, November 10, 2014


This week was great!

On Tuesday we saw our investigator ---. I don't think I've talked about him much yet. He's going to OSU at the Okmulgee extension and lives on campus there. To me, the OSU extension is a big extension campus. It's probably about as big as Snow (from what I've been able to see, we haven't had the chance to actually walk around), which I feel like is big for an extension campus... ANYWAY! We OTMed --- about 3 weeks ago, at Zone Conference we got a call from an unknown number, when we got back to the apartment we called the number back and --- said that we had met him and gave him a card and he wanted to learn more. WHAT? It was crazy sauce!! --- is just progressing really well. He is awesome!

On Wednesday we had District Training meeting. Did I mention last week that the Stakes got changed? Did I mention that as a result of the stakes changing our whole district got changed? Yes. So, we had district training with our brand new district. It went really well, they're all cool. All Elders of course. There is only one other set of Sisters in our Zone.

On Thursday we went to the temple with --- YAYA!!! He is an awesome recent convert! We helped him print off an ordinance record for his mom. That's right. Not only did he go to the temple for the first time on Thursday, Sister Moreno did his mom's baptism on Thursday. I had a pretty cool experience. I had printed off two family names, a female, that I did, and a male, that --- did for me. That morning I had been kind of questioning whether or not they would accept the work. Then, when we got to the temple, one of the members of the temple presidency was talking to us and he told us that when you have miracles in family history work it's because these people want their work done. Well, these names, are the first names I found on my own. It was a line that had been at a dead end for a long time, and I got to do some research and I found them super easy! I was so grateful that he said that because I realized that I found these names because they wanted their work done!

On Friday we went to Okmulgee. It was a weird day. I don't know why it was weird, it just was...
Saturday was kind of weird too. We went to Okemah, Weleetka, and Dustin. Weleetka was just... The whole time we were there it was just interesting. It is just this tiny little town. Sister M--- and I had never been to Dustin, all it has is a gas station, and a car shop. That's pretty much it. Dustin is a super tiny town. While we were in Weleetka we saw a sign that said "Indian Taco Sale." We followed our stomachs and found them. They were super good! They were doing a fundraiser. We were glad to have bellies full of Navajo Tacos and being able to help a couple of families out. Also, around dinner time, we were teaching a less active on her doorstep. Her younger sister came out and asked if we wanted fajitas. We took one, but we were just about done with the lesson, and we were actually just about to go home and eat dinner, so we told them we would take the fajitas to go! HAHAHAHA

Yesterday was good. We were able to contact this part member family and get a new investigator. His name is ---, he's ---. His parents have been wanting him to get baptized for a while, but they were in the process of adopting him and couldn't get permission from the state to get him baptized. Now, they've adopted him and he can get baptized! YAY!

I am so grateful for the opportunities I've had to go to the temple on my mission. The people in this area are awesome. They always talk about how they need to attend the temple more regularly. The sister that gave us a ride this week said "Oklahoma City is only an hour and a half away. There is no reason that I shouldn't be going every week." I was amazed when she said that. Back home I lived fifteen minutes away, and I rarely went more than once a month! We are so blessed to have temples close by. They are such a blessing. The temple is truly the house of the Lord. I invite you all to go more frequently! If you currently don't have a temple recommend, fix what you need to, get a temple recommend. And get to the temple!

This week was a lot of fun, it was full of interesting and spiritual experiences! :D Hope you all have a splendiforous week!

Sister Fleck

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