Monday, March 24, 2014

Good Old Pow Pow (Sister S's nickname for Pawhuska...)

This week Pawhuska and I got acquainted, and now we're great friends! We teach some really amazing people here in Pawhuska!
On Wednesday we taught one of our investigators who has been taking the lessons for a while, her lessons always get very off topic and sometimes it was hard to feel the spirit. She hadn't been keeping her commitments and we weren't sure how interested she actually was. We had been talking about maybe putting her in the hands of the Lord (dropping her) and letting her heart be softened. The last time we had visited her we invited her to download the Gospel Library App on her Kindle so that she could listen to the Book of Mormon. We went into the lesson on Wednesday and she told us she had tried to download the app, she wasn't able to find it, but she tried! The lesson was completely different! We still got off topic, but the spirit was there! We were so excited!! Plus, we saw her when we first got to the library, so we helped her download the right app, so now she can listen to the Book of Mormon while she cleans! YAY!
Sister S and I sometimes have a hard time filling the 8-9 PM hour, on Saturday we prayed during dinner for help to know who to visit during that time. We do normally pray to know who we should visit that day, but we've never really prayed specifically for that time. We both felt like we should visit this family that we found in the area book during weekly planning. We went over and they were really nice. They let us in and we got to know them a little bit. We taught them about family prayer and assigned each of the kids a job to help it get moving (i.e. one keeps an eye on the time, one gets everyone gathered, one assigns who will say the prayer). The kids were pretty excited and wanted to say a family prayer right then! We were asking the mom when we could come back and it turns out that if we had gone by at 8:00 on any other day, it wouldn't have worked out! Miracles happen all the time!!
Sunday was good. We taught the Stop Smoking Workshop with one of our members to an investigator. It didn't go as well as we would have liked. From now on when we teach it with members, we will role play it with them so they can weigh how to do it more effectively. We do keep the investigators in our personal, companionship, and district prayers every night, and that has been helping I think.

I love Pawhuska, I love the members here, the people we teach her, and the people we haven't met. I know I am where the Lord needs me to be! I love you all and I hope you have a great week!
Much Love,
Sister Fleck
Sister S and I

Our pet cat La Hermana Gato

La Hermana Gato and I 

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  1. What a great idea it was to assign the children in that family a different task each to help make family prayer happen. Brilliant!! Children love to feel useful and needed. They THRIVE on it!!