Monday, March 3, 2014

Letters to Porter's Crossing Ward

Here are two letters Sister Fleck wrote to Porter's Crossing ward and the Porter's Crossing Youth.

Feb 10, 2014
Dear Porter's Crossing Youth
Hi!  How are you all doing?
I wanted to share something that I learned in the MTC with you!
We are constantly told to read the scriptures, we are told that we can find answers and promptings in them.  It wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that I knew how.  I knew that it would happen, I just thought maybe there was a trick that I didn't know.  The good news is, there isn't a trick!
Start off by eliminating as many distractions as you can. I know that having no distractions is impossible, but get rid of the distractions that you have control over (yes, this does mean turning your cell phone off).
Next, pray.  You might consider: thanking Heavenly Father for the opportunity or asking for understanding.  Then, if you have a question, or concern, share it with Him.
Now it's time to study!  Stop every verse or two and ask yourself, "What does this mean?", "What doe it mean to me?" or "Why was this verse include for me in these latter-days?" and other similar questions.  If you don't know what something means: as word, phrase, or whole verse, look at the footnotes, cross reference, look in the index, Bible Dictionary, or Topical Guide.  Do the same if a verse stands out to you!
Be ready to take notes! Write meaningful references and why they are meaningful.  Write thoughts, feelings and impressions that you have.  They might be unrelated to what you're studying, but because you're in the right frame of mind the Holy Ghost can communicate with you!
When you are done, pray again!  You could thank Heavenly Father for the opportunity to study again, thank Him and maybe even share with Him the things that you learned!
Preach My Gospel (page 17) says "Studying is an act of faith..." If you don't get an answer right away, that's okay!  Sometimes our faith needs to be tested (Ether 12:6)!
In an article by Elder Russell M. Nelson, in the October 2011 Ensign (page 11) he says "It was God's love that prompted Him to command Nephite prophets to keep a sacred record of their people... These teachings are now available in the Book of Mormon."
I know that as you study the scriptures you will find answers, comfort and insight that you might not have even known you needed.
Please don't let this wonderful tool go to waste like I did for so many years.
Love Sister Fleck

Letter to the Ward
Hello to the Porter's Crossing Ward!
Hi! How is everyone?
I'm doing really well! I am in an area called "Fair Oaks" in Oklahoma.  Fair Oaks is a ward in the town just outside of Tulsa called Broken Arrow.
It is a really neat area, it reminds me of Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs.
The Fair /Oaks ward reminds me a little bit of Porter's Crossing Ward! It's a little smaller and there aren't quite as many kids.  But the members are almost as awesome as the Porter's Crossing members ;)
I've  been wondering how the challenge of 10,000 ordinance is going? I am sure it is going well.
Sister Shumway (the mission president's wife) was talking about how we are all brothers and sisters, when I first got to Oklahoma, she said that we all knew each other in the pre-mortal existence, then she reminded us that so many of our brothers and sisters don't have the joy of the gospel in their lives.  She imagines, and I agree, that we probably promised some of our brothers and sisters that we would share the gospel with them when we met in this life.  Don't forget that promise.  Don't forget how important missionary work is, and why it's so important.

Love Sister Fleck

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