Monday, February 24, 2014

Exchanges, Exchanges, Exchanges

Sister Lawrence and I go on so many exchanges!  But I love it! This week I didn't go anywhere, Sister Lawrence did all the traveling, so I was in Fair Oaks! IT was kind of scary at first, but it worked out.
On Tuesday we did an FHE lesson with one of our investigators, she loved it and was so excited to start doing it on her own. When we saw her on Thursday she said that she was going to start doing it on Friday, and she had already decided that they were going to start watching the Bible videos on She wanted to start at the beginning and watch a few every week until they'd seen them from beginning to end. At church yesterday she told us that the first one was a huge success. At first her kids were kind of running around and not paying attention, but by the end they were asking if they could watch more!
On Wednesday and Thursday we did exchanges, I was here with Sister J. She is the first sister that Sister L trained! We decided to go to an apartment complex that is really close to ours. We went in the afternoon and weren't able to find anyone, but we decided to go back that evening when people were home from work. We went back after dinner, we were trying to decide which building to do, and Sister J said "First building, middle floor," so that's what we did. No one answered on the middle floor, but we could her some people talking on the top floor, so we went up there. There were 2 guys and a girl about our age up there hanging out. We had a really neat conversation with them. They seemed pretty interested! When I gave one of them a Book of Mormon he said "I was going to ask you if I could have that book like 10 seconds ago, but I didn't want to take your book." Then when I gave him a card with our number on it and told him to call if he had any questions, he said "If I call you will you really come back and answer my questions?" I was so excited!!!
On Friday and Saturday we did exchanges with the Spanish sisters, I was in Fair Oaks again with Sister T. She is really great! We got along really well, and did lots of tracting! We knocked on one door and the lady told us that she had read about Mormons on the internet and that we were wrong and that the Book of Mormon didn't happen. She said that someone was writing it and "John Smith" stole it. It bugged me at first, but I decided that there's no point in being upset about it. She'll figure it out eventually.
Saturday afternoon we had an awesome lesson with one of our progressing investigators. He mentioned baptism for the second time, so I'm thinking this week we will set a date for him!!!!!
Well, those are pretty much the highlights of the week!
Love, Sister Fleck ♥

Sister Fleck also said that transfers come up on March 14th.  So anyone that has her direct address be aware that you don't mail things that would get there too close to this date and miss her.  We should know the following Monday if she has an exchange or not.   Thank you for all the wonderful support she has received with letters and emails, she loves it and is enjoying writing everyone back.    Love Helen

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