Monday, March 10, 2014

Transfer Calls!!!! Do I Stay or Do I Go?

Don't think that I am going to tell you my fate right away. Transfer calls are Saturday night, I had to wait all week, so you have to wait until the end of my email!!
After emailing last week Sister Lawrence and I went to one of the members houses because the buttons were all falling off of Sister Lawrence's coat and the member offered to fix them for her, then we went to the mall for a while. I was looking for a dress, but wasn't able to find one that was modest enough in my price range.
On Tuesday Sister Lawrence went to MLC, so I was here in Fair Oaks with Siser Schuerman. We had a lot of fun, we got lost a couple of times, but we got around alright. (: When Sister Lawrence got back we went to a nail party that we had been invited to at one of our investigators houses. We were so excited for her. So many sisters from the ward showed up! It was great!
On Wednesday I went to Claremore with Sister Mah'alona. It is a great area! The members are amazing! It was Sister Lawrence's first area, so it was a lot of fun to hear the members talk about how much they love her! Last weekend an investigator from Claremore moved to Fair Oaks so while Sister Lawrence was here in Fair Oaks she and Sister Jeppson went and saw them, so we got a new investigator!
Thursday was a really good day! A couple of weeks ago when I was on exchanges with Sister J, we found some really golden potential investigators. Sister L and I have tried going back to see them, but no one ever answered, but on Thursday, THEY DID! We taught them the first lesson, it went really well, and we set up another appointment, so we have another new investigator!! Woohoo!!!
Friday was zone training! It was really great! President Shumway kind of said that these transfers were going to bring a lot of changes! I was so nervous that Sister L was going to go and I was going to stay in Fair Oaks!!! After Zone training we did two exchanges called Blitz exchanges, so we just swap for about 4 hours. I went to both of them, I was in Owasso with Sister E and Sapulpa with Sister G. It was a lot of fun! I love both of those Sisters so much!
Saturday I went on a blitz with Sister T in Tulsa, the Spanish area! It wasn't as overwhelming as last time because it was only a few hours. It was still a lot of fun though.
Well, I can't think of anything else to put it off, so I might as well get to the good stuff! When the zone leaders called I was so nervous! I was so sure that Sister L was going to leave and I was going to stay and take over Fair Oaks. Sister L answered and they asked how she was doing, she said that she was sad because it was transfer calls and she didn't want to leave Fair Oaks yet. They told her that she shouldn't be sad because she was staying. I was so relieved! I knew then that I was going to leave! I am headed to Pawhuska, Oklahoma with Sister S! I am excited! It is going to be so much fun!!!
We are going to go to the zoo today with the rest of our district! I am pretty excited! It is going to be a lot of fun!
Love, Sister Fleck

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