Monday, March 17, 2014

Pawhuska (Yes, it is as small as it sounds!)

This week has been a lot of fun! My last few days in Broken Arrow were really good. We saw a lot of people that I wanted to say goodbye to and I got pictures (will send later (:).
It was kind of sad to leave Broken Arrow! I felt like I had just gotten there, but I was so excited about Pawhuska because I love small towns. We had to leave really early, S, my new companion, and Sister F, her old companion, met up with Sister L and I. Sister F was going home, so she and Sister L were companions until Sister L new companion got to Broken Arrow.
My first day in Pawhuska was great! We taught a couple of lessons and I learned a lot about the new area! Sister S and I get along really well. We have a lot in common and we connect so well! We have a lot of fun together, but we can also work when it's time!
Pawhuska is great! I love it so much. Broken Arrow (while an amazing area) looked really similar to Utah (minus the mountains), it's a lot of suburbs, so I never really felt like I had left home! Pawhuska, on the other hand, looks a lot like what I imagined Oklahoma to be, so I really feel like I am somewhere different here, and I love it!
Soon after we got to our apartment on Thursday morning we left to go to a Soup Kitchen to volunteer. We do that every Thursday and Saturday. It's a lot of fun and there are some really wonderful people that volunteer with us.
Friday was Zone Conference, and it was awesome! Elder Tad R. Callister came to speak to us. It was just so inspired! I learned some really good analogies to help explain different aspects of the Restoration better! The Training things that we did before he spoke were awesome! Sister S and I learned some good ways to improve our area, and we were so excited to start trying them, and continue using them!
On Saturday a lot of our appointments fell through, so we did quite a bit of tracting. One thing that we do as missionaries is clover tracting. When we go for and appointment or stop-by we try to tract their next-door neighbors on each side and the house across the street, especially if the appointment falls through when we get there, because we have been sent there for a reason! Each time we clover tracted on Saturday we got at least one potential investigator! CLOVER TRACTING WORKS!
On Sunday we had church! It was really good! There are about 20-30 members in the Pawhuska branch and they come from several surrounding towns. Some of them are even from the Bartlesville ward and have a stake calling to attend the Pawhuska branch!! But, I know that one day Pawhuska will have a ward, and it will be huge! :D
I love it so much here and I know that I am supposed to be here at this time for a reason! I love the work I am doing!
I hope you all know how much I love you. I hope you also know how much our Father in Heaven loves you. He knows you by name, He knows the desires and intent of your heart. No matter what you have done in this life, I promise you that He loves you, and I can promise you that because I have seen His love in the lives of those I teach, and as I have asked to develop love for them I have felt the love He has for them. We are all His children. He loves us all infinitely, and eternally.
I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Sister Fleck ♥

From mom:  Sister Fleck's companion is from Utah and has been out about 10 months.
If any of you would like her mailing address in Pawhuska just send me an email :D

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