Monday, April 7, 2014

Conference Weekend !!!!!

This week was a little on the slow side, but that's okay. Sometimes it's nice to slow down a little bit. Sister Scheuermann and I have figured out what made it slow, so we will be making improvements!

On Wednesday we had exchanges! Now that neither Sister S and I are Sister Training Leaders exchanges are kind of a novelty because we probably won't go on more than 2 a transfer! The Sister Training Leader, Sister W, came to Pawhuska with Sister Scheuermann and I went to Independence Kansas with her companion Sister H. It was a lot of fun! This is Sister H's first transfer, aka, someone newer than me! Woohoo! ;) She is very sweet and so excited about the work! The funny thing about exchanges is that normally 24 hours doesn't give you enough time to miss someone, but because you are with your companion 24/7 at the end of 24 hours you are ready to be with them again!!

On Thursday we walked by one our members, who is single, mowing her lawn. Of course, we couldn't have any of that, so we took over! I was oddly excited, because I've never mowed a lawn before (Thank you for that Dad and Tanner)! Here are some pictures of my first lawn mowing experience!

Conference weekend was, of course, awesome! I learned so much and I hope you all did too! I would like to follow up on Elder Ballard's invitation to study Preach My Gospel! There are a lot of amazing things to be learned! I am planning on sharing one thing that I have learned from it in my emails starting next week... hopefully I remember ;) I would, of course, love to hear what you are all learning from either Preach My Gospel, or the scriptures, or, whatever!

I love you all! I hope you all take the time to study the words of the prophets, both modern day and ancient. They truly speak the words of God and our lives can be guided and directed by them in ways we can't imagine!

Mowing the Lawn (2)
There is a table full of free books at the library, so, of course, Sister S and I put a copy of the Book of Mormon there!

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