Monday, April 28, 2014

Finding Miracles

Hello everybody!! How are you all?
Sister S and I have been focusing so much on finding this past week, we have also had a lot of service opportunities.
On Tuesday we helped the ---'s, a couple in our branch, paint a room in a rental house that they own. That was a lot of fun, I've never painted before! We had dinner with Brother and Sister ---, Brother --- made us steak. I've never had such good steak before! He said he marinates them with Daddy Hinkles steak marinade. So yummy!
On Wednesday we had lunch with ---, one of the guys that we work with at the Soup Kitchen on Saturday. He wanted to take us to dinner in case one of us was getting transferred, and if not (which was the case) we were just going to have lunch with him. We went to this place called  Bad Brads, we all got Cowboy Fries, which are fries covered in beans, onions, cheese, jalapenos, and brisquet. THEY WERE SO GOOD! We had an appointment that evening that fell through, we decided that we were going to drive out to Nelagoany, a teeny tiny town in our area near Pawhuska. We drove until we came to a T in the road, there was a house there, so we knocked on the door, as soon as we said that we were missionaries he started shaking his head. I was a little discouraged because I felt like we had been prompted to go there. We turned around and decided to knock on a few doors on the way back to Pawhuska. We knocked on the next house we saw. A South American woman answered the door and said "From the Mormon church? Come in!" I was a little surprised, people don't usually let us in when we first meet them! She then told us that she is a member, but hasn't been since she lived in Los Angeles, which it kind of sounds like was about 15 years ago. She said that when she was there she would feed/go on exchanges with the Sisters there about three times a week! She is so kind and we are so excited to go back and see her again!
Saturday was Sister S's birthday! We did so much service! We had Soup Kitchen, as always, but we also had Hearts and Hands, which is a service project that all the churches in Pawhuska do once a year. We helped paint the outside of a house. I always hated vinyl siding on houses, now I've decided that I don't even care, because taking care of wood siding so it looks good, is exhausting! I didn't know that when you re-painted you have to scrape off any old paint that is coming off. It was a lot of fun though! I love how much service we get to do in Pawhuska!
I hope you all have a splendiferous week!
Sister Fleck

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  1. Love you and your attitude!!! Have a great week Sister Fleck!