Monday, April 14, 2014

Transfer Calls this Saturday.....WHAAAAATTT?

So this upcoming Saturday (April 19th) is Transfer calls! I cannot believe it! I feel like I just got to Pawhuska!! I am partially telling all of you this because, like I said, my mind is a little blown, and  so you're all anxious to see how the transfers fall for Sister S and I all week like we will be!
We have a new Branch Mission Leader this week! Woohoo!! Brother --- is awesome and is so excited about the work being done here in Pawhuska!

Wednesday was pretty exciting, we had District Training meeting in Cleveland, OK. The Cleveland Elders have been teaching a deaf woman, her mom knows a little bit of sign language, so she can interpret for them, but she mostly fingerspells everything, so it's pretty hard. At the beginning of the transfer I mentioned that I know ASL, so on Wednesday I was supposed to interpret for them. When we got there (they teach her at her mom's) the woman they were going to teach wasn't there, so we just taught her mom. It was cool though, because she (the mom) mentioned that she didn't come to church because she didn't have any church clothes, so we told her that we had a ton of extra clothes that sisters had left behind. We were able to give them to her! Unfortunately, the Elder's never told us if she came to church or not!!

On Thursday we had a really awesome member exchange (when a member comes to an investigators lesson), it was really exciting and I feel like it really helped the investigator's testimony!

On Friday we were on exchanges! I was in Independence, KS (again!) with Sister W, she's the Sister Training Leader. It went really well and I had a lot of fun! But I was so ready to get back to Sister S and Pawhuska on Saturday!

Sorry this is so short! I'm not sure what else to say! This week was kind of same old same old.
Sister Fleck

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