Monday, April 21, 2014

Transfer calls again?!?!?!?!?!

This week was transfer calls again! I was surprised because I feel like I just got to Pawhuska! Sister S was so sure all week that she was going to be transferred to Missouri. Every time we were planning and she talked like she wasn't going to be there I got after her. I didn't want her to go!!!
On Monday we had dinner with one of our investigators, the lesson was kind of rushed, we only had like 5 minutes to do it ): but she invited us to her house on Sunday/Easter/Her Birthday for dinner, which was good because we didn't have anyone sign up to feed us Easter Dinner.

Tuesday we had dinner at one of the member's house. Sister S and I were kind of freaking out because every room in their house was perfectly decorated and it looked like it was from a magazine!! When we were eating dinner Sister S said "I really like this table" and Brother --- said "Thanks, Sister --- made it!" All we could say was "Of course she did!" She. Made. The Table. She found/bought the legs, painted them, got wood, had it cut to the right size, sanded it, and then stained it. We were in awe. For our message we watched a video that our mission president told us to share with members. Sister S and I hadn't seen it yet. IT WAS SO GOOD!! We want to watch it everyday!!!!  Eastern Morn Just... just... just watch. (It kind of seems like an apple commercial at first... but it's not.)

On Saturday we decided to walk around a little bit so that we can be seen more. We met a really great potential and a woman who is a member, but hasn't been to church in about 15 years. It's soo cool when we find less-actives by accident! Saturday night was transfer calls! Transfer calls start at 9:30, if you are going they call you and if you're staying, you get a text when they're done calling everyone that says that you're staying. So at about 9:37 (which is super early for this, by the way) we got a...... TEXT!!! We're both staying in Pawhuska! I was so excited! Sister S didn't believe me and had to read the text for herself.

Sunday was Easter, after church we were invited to the --- family party. Now, about half of Pawhuska is ---. Sister S and I took the family picture (well, Sister S took the picture, I made a funny face for the kids) so that everyone could be in it. Sister S made them say "There are so many ---'s in Pawhuska!" instead of "cheese!" That was a lunch party, but it was at 3, then at 4 we had dinner with our investigator who invited us over for her birthday party... yeah... So we ate a tiny bit at the ---'s because we knew we couldn't get away with that at the other place. We probably wouldn't have gotten away with it at the ---'s either if there hadn't been so many people that we just kind of blended in.

Well, it's just about time for me to go! I love you all! I hope you had an amazing Easter!

PS: From Helen:  I asked Sister Fleck to send me a picture of the house they are living in.  She refers me to the picture of the shack here (you see I can't look up the house on google earth (there are no street views in that town *gasp*)).  She said that it is just painted to look like a shack for security, why would anyone want to break into a house like that.    Finally got her to send me the actual picture of her house :)  She cracks me up.  She said to tell everyone to MAKE SURE YOU WATCH THE VIDEO!

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  1. What a fabulous entry, Sis. Fleck, and hilarious, BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! I can't wait till you and Sis. Scheuermann become room mates at BYU-I together in the dim and distant future!! You are so well matched. I am thrilled you have been brought together for this time. You have done WONDERFUL work together. What a fabulous companionship!!!