Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Transfer calls: I always forget that they happen!

This week was really good, I already told you about Monday, so I'll just pick up with Tuesday! Actually, I won't, because Tuesday was kind of uneventful!

Friday was really good. We had a double day exchange, I guess you could call it, because we were still battling lice we couldn't do a 24 hour exchange with the Sister Training Leader because she couldn't sleep on our beds, and because we had cancelled so many it was the end of the transfer we didn't have time to do it with both of us, so Sister W came to Pawhuska while we were both here and her companion was in their area on splits with members all day. That would make me nervous to not be with another set apart missionary all day!! It went really well! Sister W is such a good example! She's a really hard worker and loves the work so much!

On Saturday we had the Soup Kitchen, have I ever mentioned how much I love the Kitchen (what it's actually called haha), especially on Saturdays? The people we work with are just awesome!!
Man, I was hoping it would take me longer to get to Saturday, I'm already to Transfer calls now! I wanted to keep y'all in suspense longer!

So, Saturday night, there we are waiting for the zone leaders to call us to tell us we're leaving, or text us that we're staying, and our Sister Training Leader, Sister W, calls. She told us that Sister Training Leaders will be doing Transfer calls for Sisters now. Then she told us we were shot gunning out of Pawhuska. She said that I was going to Huntsville Marshallese speaking (which is a thing in our mission) and that Sister S was going to Branson Missouri. My first thought was, 'Sister S loved Huntsville! This will be great!' Then I realized, 'I am going to have to learn Marshallese! I can't do that!!' After I almost started crying Sister W told us that she was kidding!! We talked for a couple of minutes, then hung up. Then the Zone Leaders called us with real information about transfers. We had no idea how close, Sister W was to being right. She had one area completely right, and one state right.

But... She had who was going where flipped! Sister S is going back to Huntsville! She is so excited. She says that Pawhuska and Huntsville are her favorite areas! I am going to an area in Missouri! Any guesses? Anyone? Fine. If no one wants to guess I'll just tell you! I am going to Ozark, Missouri! I'll be in the Springfield, Missouri South Zone/Stake. My companion is going to be Sister S. I am so conflicted!! I am excited to go somewhere new. But I don't want to leave Pawhuska, I love it here so much (even though it doesn't have a Wal-Mart ;))! Sister S and I are doing a lot of preparing so the new sisters coming in will know how Pawhuska works. I hope we do well. It will be good for Pawhuska to start over with two new missionaries, it will be like pressing a reset button.
Sunday was bittersweet, I love going to church here in Pawhuska, but it was sad to know it was the last time! We had two investigators at church, which was pretty exciting because we've had one each week all month!

Yesterday we had a meeting in Tulsa, which is why we're emailing today instead of yesterday. We had dinner with the ---'s when we got back. Sister --- is the member who helped us identify our lice as lice, not fleas. We told her we thought we were still battling the lice, since she is a school teacher, and therefore an expert on lice, she looked at our scalps for us, (what a kind, gracious woman), and said that we were clean! Lice free! She said we were probably just combing out dead skin (yuck!) from using shampoos that dry out our heads (and kill/keep away lice) and combing so aggressively (we really wanted it gone!). We're going to keep treating our heads and clothes and such like we do have lice (combing, cleaning regularly, etc.) until transfers, just to make sure that it is all gone, but it was such a relief to have her tell us that we're lice-free!!

Today has been good, we had lunch with one of the guys from the soup kitchen. It was really sad to say goodbye to him. That's the hardest thing about loving an area, eventually you have to say goodbye to everyone you grow to love.

 I have been getting a lot out of my Book of Mormon studies lately! The other day I read Alma 17:36 (https://www.lds.org/scriptures/bofm/alma/17.36) and it got me wondering what kind of stones I could sling at Satan! I thought about the armor of God (https://www.lds.org/scriptures/nt/eph/6.14-18), and I wanted to know what are some stones that you sling at Satan! That's right! I am giving you homework! I've always wanted to, but I never knew what to do!

Well, I hope you all have a marvelous week! I know that, despite a few shed tears, I will!
Love, Sister Fleck♥
1.See! I told you we slept with vegetable oil in our hair!
2. Last picture with long hair
3. Short hair! What???

PS Only Lizzie would think her hair was short when it was still past her shoulders :)   Those who want to respond to the homework please email Sister Fleck at elizabeth.fleck@myldsmail.net.  What a boost that assignment gave me of all the things I do well to fight off Satan and his followers and the things I can do better at :)

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