Monday, June 23, 2014

A Groundbreaking and a Wedding!

This week was super good! We had a lot of fun!

Every Wednesday Ozark has a little Farmer's Market, so we went there and walked around to find people to talk to! We couldn't stay long because our appointment before ran a little long and we had another appointment, we didn't want to be late for, but we still had a lot of fun.

On Thursday we had exchanges, I went to Marshfield with Sister B and Sister S stayed in Ozark with Sister S (our sister training leader). Marshfield was a lot of fun. The Sisters had a couple of members exchanges that day! The members were awesome and, as always, said perfect things. If the missionaries in your area ever approach you and ask you to come to a lesson, especially if they have a specific investigator that they want you to meet, go with them! You will have a good experience and investigators need fellowshippers!

On Friday we did some weekly planning, and then in the evening --- and --- took us to the Russel Stovers store here in town for my birthday and got us ice cream! It was so yummy!!

Saturday was a crazy day!! After we exercise I opened my birthday packages (I definitely only exercised for like 10 minutes!)! Thank you to everyone for the cards and gifts! You are all so nice!! :D Then we got ready, studied and went to.... THE GROUNDBREAKING!!! So, right now the Ozark ward drives to Springfield for church, which isn't that far, but what is kind of weird is that we're in the Springfield South Stake and we meet in the Springfield Stake building. So... awkward... not really, but it worked there. But now we're getting our own building! Yay! The Groundbreaking was awesome and really exciting! The building is going to be on this hill by the freeway, so it will be super easy to see from the freeway! YAY!

After the groundbreaking we saw one of our investigators who we haven't seen in a long time, so long in fact, that I've never met her!

Then, we went to a wedding! One of our investigators got married! Yay! --- (our investigator) got married to one of the members of the ward, Lori! Yay --- and ---!! It was a cute wedding, but the weather caused some problems. The ceremony started almost an hour late because she couldn't get in the car to get to the park where the wedding was going to be because it was raining! It stopped and she got there and it stayed dry just long enough for the ceremony! We all got under a pavilion that was at the park and then it rained off and on for the rest of the reception! Yikes!

Saturday was a lot of fun and by the time we got home we were exhausted!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!
Sister Fleck

This one is perfect for this week for a few different reasons!
1. I have decided that Heavenly Father made the fireflies purely to bring people joy.
2. Yesterday we showed our investigator (who is under 12) the I am a Child of God, Mormon Message ( and she loved it! She said it almost made her cry and then the rest of the time we were there she kept asking if we could watch it again.

Oh, the pictures!!!
1. Me breaking ground with a tiny shovel!
2. Sister S and I
3. At the wedding! (Left to right) Sister --- (one of the super awesome members in the ward. She gave us a ride to the wedding), Me, Sister S, ---, ---
4. Picture Sister S made for me for my birthday.  That is Ron Weasley in the Tardis as The Doctor :)

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