Monday, June 16, 2014

10,000,000 Fireflies!

This week has been great! I love Missouri! Here are some things that I love about Missouri:
-It is so pretty here!
-There are so many trees!
-At night there are a lot of fireflies!
  -Fireflies are the coolest!
-The people of Ozark Rock!
-We have a Wal-Mart in Ozark!
-Did I mention that there are a lot of trees here?
-And Fireflies! Did I mention the fireflies?

On Monday we had dinner with ---, they share their home with us. She is so awesome! I love her to death!

On Tuesdays we volunteer at a thrift store called The Christian Foundation. They let us take anything we like, I haven't found anything for myself yet, thank goodness, I don't need any clothes, but I did find a shirt for Tanner. While we were sorting through the clothes we found about 12 shirts from Taco Bell advertising the Dorito Tacos, I know that Tanner likes those, so I grabbed one for him. Then for lunch, Sister S and I decided we needed to try the Dorito Tacos, so we went to Taco Bell for lunch, I also got a Quesoritto, I was a little disgusted by how delicious both of them were. (:

On Wednesday we went out with a member, Sister ---. We go out with her about twice a week and each time we do she makes 10 loaves of bread and we go around and take them to less-actives/her visiting teaching. *Shout out to Sister ---!* We also got a new investigator. Before I came the Sisters got a referral for a less-active who isn't on our records in Ozark, so we have seen him a couple of times. He has a daughter who is 18 and not a member, so we invited her to take the lessons and she accepted!! Woohoo!!

On Thursday we had dinner with this family the ---! They are awesome! Sister --- is Pompeiian and served a mission in the OTM (OTM 4 LYFE!!!!)!!! That is actually how she met Brother ---. Sister ---made us islander food, rice and chicken, it was so good! Sister S was really excited because apparently she loves islander food. She told Sister --- one of her favorite things is SPAM and rice/SPAM Musubi, so Sister --- said she would make it for us sometime. I am so happy about that, that I could cry (only kidding a little bit). I love going to the ---, whenever we ask when they want us to come back Brother --- says "Tommorrow?" Then Sister --- schedules something for a few days/a week out. They have 3 super awesome/cute girls (the oldest one loves Harry Potter and Doctor Who, of course she is awesome!)

On Friday we had Zone Training Meeting in Branson, it was so good! You should all go look up the Commencement Address from University of Texas for this year, we watched it and talked about how the things he talked about apply for missionary work. It was super.

On Saturday we went out with --- again, we didn't have bread this time, but we did have flyers to hand out. "For what?" you may ask. In a groundbreaking, for a church building, in Ozark! That's right! Woohoo! Right now we meet in Springfield and it's hard for a lot of members to get out there. Actually, we're in the Springfield South Stake, and we meet in the Springfield Stake building, so the building isn't even in our stake. Crazy sauce. So, the groundbreaking will be exciting, it's on Saturday, and then in a year and a half (probably less, they always over shoot these kinds of things) Ozark will have a building!

We had dinner with our Ward Mission Leader and his family. They were babysitting for another member in the ward so their kids were there. One of the kids, they were babysitting was this little boy, he's about 3. When --- asked the kids what they wanted to be when they grew up this little boy said he wanted to be "a cow!" HAHAHAHA!!!!

Our dinner appointment on Saturday fell through, but that's okay, because we had coupons for Wendy's and when we go there this guy started talking to us, he was wearing a Vivint shirt and it turns out that he's a member! He invited us to sit with him and he told us stuff about his mission. It was pretty awesome!

After that we went to help one of the members, she is getting married on Saturday to one of our investigators, and so we helped her get things ready for the wedding. Sister S painted these cute signs that have the menu on them and since I have zero artistic abilities, I punched paper hearts from an old book. I think she is going to put them on the tables. I guess they have been punching hearts out for weeks!

Sunday was cool. We had dinner with the Peaks and shared a message about the Stripling Warrior Fathers for Fathers Day. I kept forgetting that it was Fathers Day all day!
I hope all you Dad's had a wonderful Father's Day though!
Sister Fleck ♥

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