Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures!

This week was pretty good. Nothing too crazy happened. Actually, that's probably a lie. I'll explain later.

On Wednesday we were going to be teaching Activity Days, we can't be alone with the girls, so another woman has to be with us. One of our investigators, ---, normally comes with us, but she had to work. We weren't sure what to do, but then we decided to call one of the members that we found a few weeks back. She was super excited to help, and invited us over for dinner afterwards! Unfortunately, when the time came, she called us and said she couldn't come, but still wanted to feed us dinner. Soon after that --- said she had gotten off work early and would be able to come! None of the girls showed up so we had a little impromptu lesson with ---! Wednesday was super cool because we reached all of our goals and most of the lessons we had planned fell through. It was cool to see Heavenly Father help us out like that.

Friday night was kind of crazy. Someone had told us that if you sleep with oil in your hair it makes the lice eggs easier to get out. We have been desperate to get rid of them, we were ready to try anything. So we did it. We were worried about getting oil all over the place though, so we put saran wrap over our hair. I'm not kidding right now. It was super weird, my hair smelled like chicken fingers. Normally that's an appetizing smell, but when it's coming from your hair it's super gross.

Yesterday was pretty cool. Part of The Standard of Excellence in the OTM is 20 lessons a week, which comes out to about 3 lessons a day. There are certain days of the week, where that is super hard to achieve, one of those days is Monday, because of Preparation Day. Yesterday not only did we get 3 lessons, but they were all with people who are super hard to contact, and they were really good lessons!

Today is where the subject of this email comes in. Sister Shumway called us to see how the lice was and give us some suggestions for eliminating them. One of those suggestions, which she had suggested when we first got the lice, was for me to cut my hair. I had kind of been thinking about it since she first suggested it, and now, I was motivated, I decided I just needed to do it. With Sister S's help, I cut off about 9 inches. It is now just past my shoulders. It is really weird!! I would include pictures but I forgot my SD>USB adapter! So ya'll will just have to wait until next week. Sorry!!

I hope you have a wonderful week!
Sister Fleck

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  1. So funny reading this, Sis. Fleck, and knowing it was my daughter who took the shears to your hair!! I can't wait to see a picture of the end result in next P-day's entry! You two are so well matched. Your mum and I had a GREAT talk together about that, and I so look forward to meeting you both one of these days. I have a hunch you and Sis. Scheuermann are going to be true best friends forever, right?? :-)