Monday, May 12, 2014

Nit Picking

This was a pretty good week. We found a new investigator, on Monday, which is always exciting.
Tuesday was so good, we're not even sure exactly what made it so good, it just was. We had another lesson with our new investigator ---, we taught him the restoration and we talked about how God has one true church and after we shared Joseph Smith's Vision he said he felt really good, better than he had ever felt at the church he currently attends. He also said that he thinks this might be the true church.What? We thought maybe we were on The District ( and we didn't know it. Then we had Activity Days, in branches as small as Pawhuska they have to get help wherever they can get it, and if that means that the missionaries are in charge of Activity Days every other week, then so be it. This week we had one of our investigators, ---, teach the girls how to crochet. The girls were excited to learn, and --- was so excited to teach them.
After that we had dinner with M and A, it went so well. We have a really good relationship with them and the lesson was so powerful.
Friday we had Zone Training. It was soo good!!! We learned so much! I have to study my notes again to remember everything I learned.
Sunday was... interesting. It's where the subject of this email comes into play. So, Sister S’s head has been itchy for a week or so. We thought maybe it was her hairspray, because she got a new kind that she had never used before. Well, on Sunday morning, we found bugs in it. So I went through and got as many out as I could. I had always been told that lice were white, and these weren't white, so I kind of thought that they might be fleas. At dinner we had the member who was feeding us look up a picture of lice (members are so nice to us), and we confirmed that it was lice. The members that fed us had some old lice shampoo, so we used it last night. Hopefully we are lice free.
Well, I've got to go!
Sister Fleck

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  1. Dead Lice are white, live lice are brown or black. Good luck... Also lice outbreaks have been happening more due to Selfies with friends being more widely done, faces mashing together to fit in the frame make it really easy for the lice to transfer to another head.