Monday, February 16, 2015

Crazy things happening in Barttlesville

Transfer call this week! But, as ya'll know! You must wait until the end of the email to find anything out!! MWAHAHAHA

Monday we didn't have a very long preparation day because we were going to have a Zone outing on Friday!

Tuesday, we went to Tuesday house, and I just realized that I haven't told ya'll anything about Tuesday house! It's the thrift store that all the missionaries in Bartlesville voulunteer out. It's actually called "Mutual Club and Tuesday House" the Mutual club is this thing run by one of the Methodist Churches here in Bartlesville, it's an after school club for younger teenage girls here in Bartlesville, the Tuesday House part is this big thrift store that gets tons of donations, and all of the proceeds go to the Tuesday House! It's a lot of fun!

On Wednesday we had an exchange, I stayed in Bartlesville 2nd with Sister W. She is an awesome missionary and we had a lot of fun together!

On Friday we went to Woolaroc! It's kind of like a tiny Yellowstone with a really cool museum! One of the guys from Tuesday House had a bunch of free passes, so he took the whole zone! It was a lot of fun. I'd include pictures, but I forgot my camera today  I'll send them next week!  ):D There was a lot of cool stuff to see and do, I got to pet a zebra!!! :D

On Saturday ---- had his baptismal interview! He's so great!!!
We also got transfer calls... DUN DUN DUN!!!

We're shot gunning out!!! AHHH The 1st ward Elders are coming to 2nd ward and the 3rd ward sisters are taking over 3rd ward and 1st ward! Sister P--- is going to Bolivar, Missouri with Sister Stolp and I am going to Ash Flat Arkansas with Sister A---! We are White Washing in and filling the spot of Elders! EEK!!! I am pretty excited though!

Isn't this a beautiful picture? I think so. With Valentines day coming up I hope you are all remembering how much your Savior and Father in Heaven love you. And President Monson is right (of course he is haha), Love is  the essence of the gospel! We are all striving to be like Jesus Christ! Find a way to show love to someone in a new way this week!
Sister Fleck

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