Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ash Flat!

Sorry this is so late! Monday was Presidents Day, and there was a snow storm, so the whole town basically closed down! We didn't drive at all on Monday! The town was still mostly closed down on Tuesday, so the library was closed.

Our last few days in Bartlesville were crazy. We were trying to say goodbye to everyone, pack, get the area ready for the Elders etc.

On Tuesday the Assistants called us and told us there had been a little bit of a mix up with transfers, I was still going to Ash Flat, Sister P was still going to Bolivar with Sister S, but my companion is Sister B, not Sister A! Oops!

On Thursday we got to transfer point super early! We rode to Mount Vernon, Sister P left, then I waited! Sister P was there, so that was a lot of fun!

When Sister B got there we waited a few more minutes, and then we got a ride to West Plains, where our truck was. The Elders spent a couple of days there, well, one of the Elders did, because his companion was waiting for a visa to go to Australia and he got it! So, our TRUCK was in West Plains, then from there we drove to Ash Flat.

We immediately met the Relief Society President, because she is our land lord and she was dropping some stuff off (a cute mirror, stuff like that). We also met a member family who called us earlier in the day and asked when we'd be in Ash Flat because they were excited to meet us.

On Friday we met our Branch Mission Leader and had dinner with some members at this mongolian buffet. It was AWESOME! Oh! One of the members of the branch lives with the Branch Mission Leader and Relief Society President (The ---). Her name is ----. She is 110 years old! She was baptized when she was 103 years old! She is the oldest convert of the church and possibly the oldest living member! WHAAT? Crazy sauce right? She's super sweet! There was a little documentary thing done on her that showed in between conference sessions. You should look it up!

On Saturday we just tried to meet people. We had a little bit of success. We also went to a valentines day activity that the branch had and met some more members and got to know them and hang out with them, which was AWESOME!

We've mostly spent our days trying to meet as many people as we can! After the snow on Monday it was kind of rough, but we're doing the best we can!

This week has been a little rough, but, I have felt so loved here. The branch is incredibly loving, and I feel a little spoiled to be part of the first companionship of sisters here. This week I've felt the love of my Heavenly Father immensely. I know that He loves each one of us. He knows us by name. He's calling to us! Answer His calls, go to Him!
Sister Fleck
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