Monday, January 5, 2015


This week was crazy! Transfer weeks always are!

Monday was my 11 month mark! AHHHHH No way! It's going by way too fast! We played games with a couple of the young women, it was a lot of fun. They are super cute girls!!

On Tuesday we went to Okmulgee, I said goodbye to the people there. That was really good to be able to see them. We did some service for ---, that was a lot of fun.

Thursday was transfer day. We had to wake up early and then we headed to Tulsa. I got to meet Sister P---! Yay! I am so excited for this transfer. Sister P--- is adorable, we have a lot in common and just get along super well. She is from Wyoming, her big brother got back from his mission 5 months before she came out. Guess where he served. THE OKLAHOMA TULSA MISSION! How crazy is that? He was even in my first zone! Sister P--- has been out for 4 1/2 months. She is a really great missionary!

Friday we had a couple of exchanges, of course, we kind of had to because it is FREEZING outside, and we have a car share with the Elders in the Bartlesville 1st ward. So, we have the car every other week and they have the car the weeks we don't. They had the car this week, which was actually probably a good thing because they shortened in, so they had some time to get to know the area a little bit with a car. We have some awesome members who love to come on exchanges with us, one of them is a girl who just submitted her mission papers! She actually lives in the Elders area, but comes out with us because, well, that's easier.

On Saturday we went out with this awesome member to dinner, she took us to get Sushi!! (:

On Sunday we went out with one of the Laurels in our ward. She is pretty awesome. We saw a few people and had a good day!

This year's youth theme is "O Ye that Embark" I love this! Obviously. Because it is about missionary work! I know that missionary work is the most important thing we can be doing. We are in the hastening! Here in the OTM our missionaries will be dropped from 240 to about 200 in March. Our mission president recently told us that this does not mean that the hastening is slowing down! We have been in the hastening for a while, and sometimes we forget, or we get used to being in the hastening, and get bored with it, so we slow down. Don't let this happen! Missionary work is so important. We can't slow down. We can't give up. The Lord really needs us to share the gospel. This is the last time that he will visit his vineyard. We need to help. D&C 4 has some great promises about missionary work! I love reading it! I hope y'all go take a look at it too!

Sister Fleck

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