Monday, January 12, 2015

I love B'Ville!!!!

How is everyone's week? Ours was pretty good!
Sister P--- and I get along really well. We get kind of silly together sometimes, but we're able to refocus and get back on track.
On Tuesday we went on an exchange with a sister in our ward who is a recently returned missionary. It was a lot of fun to go out with her because it was like being in a trio! We also had dinner with this family the ---. Brother --- is a recent convert. They are really cool people. I love them a lot. They own this little diner called "Mike and Connie's Burger Hop" How cute? We these two kids who are recent converts. They're 14 and pretty cool. They seem to be very mature for their age. We also saw this investigator, ---. He's older, and super sweet. He has a baptism date for February 14, his wedding anniversary! That's when HE wanted to be baptized. (:
On Thursday we had a super awesome Zone Training. President and Sister Shumway came and introduced some new info for us. We used to have these "5 Anchors", that were like basic rules for us, and he got rid of those and introduced some new things. We're "Special OPS" Missionaries now.
On Sunday I got to meet the ---. They're this super sweet older couple. He's a recent convert and she just finished chemo. They are so sweet. They said their home should be my home away from home, how sweet is that?
Anyway, I'm almost out of time. Hope you all have a splendiforus week!
Sister Fleck

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