Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sweet Baptism! ♥

This week was great! On Monday we had dinner with a member, but they live way out in the boundaries, fortunately, they invited Brother --- and ---, so they gave us a ride.

On Tuesday we did a mini bread delivery with Sister --- *only* (I say only sarcastically) five loaves of bread.  We  did an extra one because last week Sister S--- and I had dinner with some members who had recently moved into the ward and we told them we would come by with Sister --- bread sometime. We really had every intention of doing so, but when we delivered bread that week we had a really awesome list, normally we have one or two loaves that we don't know who to take to. Anyway, they (jokingly) went up to Sister --- at church and said "We were promised bread and we didn't get any!" (Jokingly I promise! All in good fun!!) So, Sister --- made a mini batch so we could take some to them!

On Wednesday we were able to have a mini lesson with P--- the Popcorn Man. It sprinkled all day, which doesn't sound like too big of a deal, but the grass was really wet and by the time we went to our next appointment my shoes were soaked! They were wet for three days! Fortunately, I have other pairs that I wore.

Thursday was a super service day! We went to the women's shelter that we started volunteering at, and then helped a member start painting in her new house. After that and dinner we had a lesson with Maddie! We went over the baptismal interview questions! She is so ready!!!

On Friday we had exchanges, I stayed in Ozark with Sister S---, she is in Mountain Grove now, and on the way back from picking up Sister S--/dropping off Sister S--- we stopped to visit an old friend of Sister ---'s (that's right, not only does Sister --- make 10 loaves of bread for us to deliver every week, but she drives us two and a half hours (one way) for exchanges!!). We helped a member get ready for a massive garage sale that she's having. She has a lot of stuff, and just wants to get rid of a lot of it!

Saturday was a special day (I hope you're humming the primary song now), it was ---'S BAPTISM!!! She was so excited! When I saw her after she got changed into her jumpsuit I almost cried! Her mom (non-member) and neighbor (also not a member) came. --- (her mom) was completely focused, I don't know if she blinked, focused, on whoever was giving the talk, or whatever was happening. It was great! While --- was changing after the baptism we showed the I Am A Child of God, Mormon Message (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=JOrcqqpHCt8), she came out at the very end.  Brother --- (the man who did the baptism) took a little bit longer, while we were waiting for him ---(girl that got baptized) got up and gave Sister Stockhoff and I a hug, then Sister ---, then Sister ---(husband baptized her) (The ---'s taught her grandma when they were on their mission and came all the way from Illinois (I think) to be at/perform the baptism!), her mom, grandma, and a few other people. It was one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. They did the confirmation that day so Brother --- could do it, since they had to leave Saturday evening. It was so good!! :D

After the baptism we met with the ---'s, that went really well. We talked about Lehi's Dream. They asked some really awesome questions that got me thinking about it in a way I never had before! i.e. one of the boys asked if you could eat more than one of the fruit, Sister --- said that she thinks you could eat as much as you wanted because you can never fill up on the Love of God. Whoa.

In Testimony meeting on Sunday both --- and --- bore their testimonies. They were both so sincere! It was great!

After church --- had her baptismal interview, she did great! We also got to meet with Bishop, which we have been needing to do for a while. It was a great meeting!

This week was splendiforous. I hope you all have a great week!
Sister Fleck

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