Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What even happened this week? I don't really know...

This week was pretty normal. Nothing too eventful... or uneventful.

On Wednesday we went to the Farmer's Market, we pretty much go to talk to P--- the Popcorn man now. He has finished the Book of Mormon, prayed about it, and said it is the most accurate book about Christ that he has ever read... what? P---! YOU MAKE ME SO HAPPY!!!! He doesn't live in our area, but he said he's never home because he's always doing popcorn stuff, so we asked him if we came to the Farmers Market a little early (when he's setting up) if we could talk with him about the Book of Mormon and about our beliefs, and he said yes! Yay P---!

On Thursday there was a Pioneer Day multi-ward party. It was weird to think back home there were parades and fireworks and people had the day off and in Missouri it was just a normal day! The party was a lot of fun. We went with the Ward Mission Leader's wife and our investigator ----.

On Friday we delivered bread with Sister ---. It was a really good bread day. We saw a lot of people and had good talks with everyone we saw!

On Saturday --- had her baptismal interview. She was kind of nervous, but she did awesome! Just like we knew she would ;) she is such a sweetie! We also saw ---- and the ----! All of the ingredients for a really good day! After the interview, --- called us and asked if we could help her move. --- said she would have done it herself, but she had done that on Friday, and hurt her hip. So we gladly went over and helped her. --- was busy and could only help at the end, and --- could barely walk, so she stayed in the trailer and organized the boxes.

On Sunday we helped --- and --- move, I know it was a Sunday, but it was kind of a crazy situation and that was the only day their landlord would let them move their stuff in. Their stuff is there, but they can't move in until the first. Someone announced it in the priesthood and we ended up having 15 people total helping! It got done so fast! It was great! It took about half an hour to unpack what it took Sister S--- and me an hour and a half to pack about half of (I hope that sentence makes sense).

Anyway, this week was a lot of fun. We did lots of service, which we both love!

Oops, I forgot some stuff I wanted to add at the end. I am so grateful for service! It is such a good way to show others how much you care! It is such a crucial part to missionary work too! I know that Heavenly Father loves it when we do service, and I know that because of how I feel when I serve others! I get the best warm-fuzzy feelings! I am so grateful for that confirmation from the Holy Ghost that I've done a good thing! I challenge you all to do at least  one act of service for someone! Big, or small, but make it something you wouldn't normally do. In other words, if you have kids making them dinner tonight wouldn't count ;) The warm fuzzy feelings will be worth it!
Sorry for all the extra messages today! I've been a little forgetful today!! HAHA

Sister Fleck

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