Monday, July 14, 2014

Another week in the life of a missionary!

This week was crazy long for some reason! It felt like two or three weeks!

Monday was a lot of fun. We went mini golfing with the Nixa elders, and another set of elders (I can't remember where they are...)  It was a lot of fun. Sister S and Elder N were playing for her bag strap (long... weird story), Sister S lost, but Elder N let her keep her strap haha. We had dinner with Brother --- and ---, they took us to Nakato, a really delicious sushi restaurant :') It was so so good! Brother ---ok us to see his plane, that was really cool, we got to sit in it, but not fly, he said he couldn't fly it right now (for one reason or another), plus that's defiantly against the rules.

After that we went to go and see ----... We knocked on the door, --- answered, said, "one second," and came back with the copies of the Book of Mormon, Restoration pamphlets, and Restoration DVD that we had given them... he said that it wasn't time right now and that there was too much going on and things were just too stressful. We insisted that they keep the stuff, they need it more than we do. It was really hard. I hadn't cried over a dropped investigator yet, and now I have. It happens, though, and I know they'll find the way back one day. I am confident of that.

On Thursday, some plans fell through, so we went to visit a less-active family. The mom wasn't home, but we sat on the porch with the girls and talked to them. We ended up talking about how they stand up for their beliefs at school. I really admire them! They're pretty strong!

Friday was Zone Training Meeting, it was awesome!  Then, our investigator --- had... HIS BAPTISMAL INTERVIEW!! Woohoo!! We also had a lesson with the family that we've been teaching, it went really well. The dad asks awesome questions! They all pay attention, even the 11 and 13 year old!

On Saturday we delivered bread with Sister ---, after dinner we went to ---'s because transfer calls were later that night and we wanted to be in our favorite place before transfer calls so we would be distracted and not nervous. When we got home, we planned, got ready for bed, then went upstairs and sat with --- while we waited for the Zone Leaders to call or text. After an alarm to text the ward mission leader, and a reply from him, gave us a heart attack because we thought both of them were the Zone Leaders.... we got a text from the real zone leaders... saying... WE'RE BOTH STAYING!!!!! YAY!!!

I hope you all have a great week! Remember how much Heavenly Father loves you!

Sister Fleck did have a PS later: OH! On Wednesday we went to see a less-active lady, she wasn't there, but another member of the ward was (the less-active lady runs a small retirement center kind of, she has about 3 patients and they can't be left alone, so if she has to run an errand she has to have someone, come sit with them), it was cool because when she answered the door and invited us in she said "I've been needing to talk to you, sisters! I have someone for you to teach!" Her niece is moving in with her parents (who live in the ward too), the girl (who is 18) is moving out of her parents' house, but she loves visiting her aunt and grandparents, and loved going to church with them whenever she visited. Now that she's 18 she wants to get baptized!!!

Pictures :)  
Sister S, --- and I at Nakato

Yummy Rolls at Nakato (oh how she was spoiled!)
Sister S and I in Brother ---' plane!

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