Saturday, January 25, 2014

Last full week in the MTC

This week was great! Although, to be honest, it was all class, class, class! It's hard to remember specifics on what happened on what day, it all kind of blends together We went on a walk to the temple so we were able to get some pictures.
Things are going well with our progressing investigator ---, we also have another PI named ---. She's a TRC investigator, so unlike --- (who is one of our teachers roleplaying) --- could be a real investigator, or a member acting. We're pretty sure she's a real investigator though. Things are going great with her. We gave her a Book of Mormon on Thursday and talked a lot about Joseph Smith because she had a lot of questions about him. We think we're going to invite her to baptism when we meet with her tonight. We're also going to try to meet with her on Tuesday even though it's not scheduled. The rest of our district will be gone and so it'll just be Sister Powell and I and she really wants to meet with us again!!!
Well, I'm just about out of time and that's all there really is to share.
Love, Sister Fleck

PS, sorry, there's no pictures, I couldn't figure out how to get them attached ): NEXT WEEK I PROMISE!!!!!!

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