Sunday, December 14, 2014

Does Oklahoma know it's December?

Apparently not, because we have a high of 60 today! It has been freakishly warm... or maybe just to me and my Utahan-ness. Anyway...

On Tuesday we met with --- and guess what, WE SET A BAPTISMAL DATE WITH HIM! I think I told you that we had set the 6th with him, but investigators have to come to church 3 times before getting baptized, and he went out of town for Thanksgiving, so he missed that Sunday, but now he's getting baptized on the 13th! :D Which is pretty cool because the 14th is ---'s baptism anniversary, and he's going to be doing the baptism!

On Wednesday evening we went to mutual because they were doing family history and anyone was invited, so we went to see if we could get/offer any help. It was a lot of fun and we were able to help some of the members, which was awesome!

Friday was Okmulgee day. We met a couple of people for the first time, that was cool.
Saturday was awesome! So much good stuff happened! --- had his baptismal interview, he did great! The Relief Society had their Christmas party with a white elephant gift exchange, I got a super cute chalk board, that we will defiantly be using! After that this family, the --- that signed up for the 40 Day Fast, they wanted to go on an exchange with us all day, so we did! We met some really awesome families, and it was sweet because they were willing to go to the people who live in the boondocks that we normally can't get to! Yay! Way to go on being super awesome ---!

On Sunday evening we watched the Christmas devotional, so we watched that at the church. It was super good, although, we did miss parts because the internet wasn't cooperating, so I'll have to print off the talks.

This week has just been so Christmas oriented. We've been sharing He is the Gift with basically everyone. I just love that video a lot. I love that it invites us to Share the Gift of Christ. What a perfect way to show Him our love for Him. 
This week Sister Barrett and I want to have the members take a picture with them holding a chalk board that says "I will share the gift by..." and then posting it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever social media they prefer. I invite you to do the same. How will you Share the Gift this year? Decide how, and then share it with others! If you post it on social media feel free to use the #ShareTheGift hashtag so others can see how you want to share the gift. I know that as you share the gift you will find Christ becoming more and more a part of your Christmas. This is the easiest time of year to share the gospel!
Sister Fleck ♥

If you want to write Sister Fleck for Christmas please leave a comment and I will email you her address.

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