Thursday, September 11, 2014

One Crazy Week

I don't know why it was crazy, but it was...

Monday was officially the start of the new transfer. After we were done emailing I did some family history, since we email from the family history library. I found 2 names! I have been pretty stoked about that all week, I also found some birth and death dates for people, so that's sweet!!

Tuesday was Sister V---'s funeral, we didn't get to go, obviously as it was in Utah, but President Shumway did ask us to read Alma 40-42 during companion study, and at 11:00 (when the funeral started) we all knelt down and said a prayer. That was really cool, it was nice to know that all the missionaries in the OTM were doing the same.

On Wednesday we had Zone training, during it, Sister W--- and I had a bit of a revelation. We're going to do a 100% member present week! We're calling it Ace Week. All of our lessons will have a member there! We're doing it from September 29th to October 5th.

Thursday was a pretty normal Thursday aka weekly planning. We laid out some pretty intense plans to make Ace Week happen.

Friday and Saturday were normal missionary days. We visited people, had lessons, it was fun (:

On Sunday --- came out with us. He's 16 and awesome. He follows us in his jeep since we can't give him a ride and he can't give us a ride. He's a pretty cool kid and will be a great missionary one day! :D

This week I want to tell you all how cool family history is! When I found those names I was so excited! I had found out the names of someone I am related to! Part of my family! They were lost, we didn't know who they were, and now we've found them! YAY! It's soo cool! Seriously, just do family history. It's amazing.

Sister Fleck

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