Monday, October 6, 2014

Ace Week is Nigh at Hand

 This week is Ace week! AHH! Wish us luck/blessings! Ace week is our name for our 100% member present week that we have been planning.

Last week was really good. A less active that we never see came to stake conference on Sunday and then on Tuesday the members we were having dinner with invited her to dinner, that was really exciting! --- (our recent convert) came out with us Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. He is so excited about missionary work, it's great!

On Friday we had exchanges, I stayed in Nevada with Sister H---. It was a lot of fun. Sister H--- has a friend that is going to the all-girls college here in Nevada. We tried to find her for a little bit.

We switched back on Saturday, our ride back to Nevada wouldn't be able to leave Joplin until like 3, so we hung out in the family history center in Joplin and found out that is free for all members now! YAY! So we played on ancestry a little bit!

Then by the time we got back we had dinner, then went to the women's broadcast. It was really good. We had 2 investigators come! :D
This week has been really good. I feel like things are turning around in Nevada!
Sister Fleck

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